2023 September 7: No Hugs for Holographic Fathers in DreamForge Anvil 13. A father on Mars struggles to stay connected with his family on Earth.

2023 July 24: Grit and Culling on Triton in Dark Matter 016. Kemma, struggling to survive on Triton, comes home to discover her only luxury, her tomatoes, have all been eaten.

2023 March 11: Flybys, Launch Windows, and Selfies with the Earth and Moon in DreamForge Anvil #11. It’s an article about the trajectory-design team for Artemis 1. It gives details about the work that went into designing the trajectories and our experiences being on-console during the flight.

2022 October 18: The Engineer’s Gamble in Analog 2022 November/December. It’s an orbital-mechanics tall tale!

2022 October 1: In the Court of the Litigious Elves in Wyngraf 2022 Autumn. A band of adventurers is accosted by elves who demand to see their weapons permits. Things escalate.

2022 September 23: The Ambassadors Visit the Final Fair in New Myths Vol. 16, Issue 60. The Mid-Atlantic Culture will be uploaded tomorrow, and Ambassador Varn can choose only one piece of art to preserve.

2022 May 1- When the Gods Are Away: It’s my first novel! It was originally self-published, but was bought by Dark Matter Ink and will be released in 2024 May.

2019 December: Extremophile in DreamForge Magazine #4. It’s my first publication!