2023 March 11: Flybys, Launch Windows, and Selfies with the Earth and Moon in DreamForge Anvil #11. It’s an article about the trajectory-design team for Artemis 1. It gives details about the work that went into designing the trajectories and our experiences being on-console during the flight.

2022 October 18: The Engineer’s Gamble in Analog 2022 November/December. It’s an orbital-mechanics tall tale!

2022 October 1: In the Court of the Litigious Elves in Wyngraf 2022 Autumn. A band of adventurers is accosted by elves who demand to see their weapons permits. Things escalate.

2022 September 23: The Ambassadors Visit the Final Fair in New Myths Vol. 16, Issue 60. The Mid-Atlantic Culture will be uploaded tomorrow, and Ambassador Varn can choose only one piece of art to preserve.

2022 May 1- When the Gods Are Away: It’s my first novel! You can get physical copies at Ingram Spark or Amazon. You can get ebook versions pretty much everywhere. An audiobook version is in production.

2019 December: Extremophile in DreamForge Magazine #4. It’s my first publication!